Lakeshire’s Luxury Facemask Vegan Bar Soap
Individually hand wrapped in luxury handmade paper Our luxury facemask bar does the job of a cleanser, a toner, and facemask. It is also good as a shaving soap for guys. After one use, you will feel like skipping your...
Lavender self Care Gift Box
The majority of people love Lavender, especially when it's the fresh herbal lavender scent from the good quality Lavender Essential Oil that we use. We have put together a small version of our bestselling Lavender Essential oil products in this Lavender...
~ Beautiful Heart Vegan Soap
What is the best thing about this soap? In my opinion it is the fragrance, very similar to Chanel N°5. The fragrance alone makes this a wonderfully feminine soap but add to that the frosted rosettes and pale pink leaves...
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