How To Achieve A Natural Makeup Look


Some people are blessed with a flawless face, then the rest of us end up spending 3 hours painting our face to achieve the same look! There is no right or wrong way to do makeup, that's the art of it, but there are some good tips to achieve a light and natural finish. Have a read of this article for our top tips to achieve a natural looking makeup look.

Keep It Minimal

The first and most important step to achieve a natural finish is to keep your makeup light and have no thick layers on your face. Try using light bases for your skin, like BB/CC cream to avoid having a thick layer of foundation on your face. You can even just use concealer to cover up any imperfections on the face and keep the rest of your natural skin glowing and on show. When going for a natural look, it's best to avoid harsh contouring to the face. Your aim should be to accentuate your natural face shape and not to change it. A simple yet effective tip is to basically add twice as less to your face than you normally would for a full face of makeup.

Products to Avoid

Some makeup products we use everyday are amazing, however alot of makeup products tend to flush away the natural look and, instead, make us look like an MUA. One of the biggest no-nos is full coverage foundation if you are looking for a natural finish. This is thick on the skin, leaving a different and unnatural texture to your face. Replace this with a lighter foundation or best off to skip it all together. If you are wanting to add any eyeshadow or lipstick, make sure any shades on your face are neutral colors, like nudes or light pinks/reds, as no one is born with bright red lips and glittery eyelids! As the face naturally produces oils, using matte makeup is a big give away to show that this isn't your natural look. Avoid any matte products as it leaves your face looking less natural and more textured.

Good Products To Use

There are many products that can help you achieve the natural look, so here are some of the best products to use:

  • Primer - helps hide the pores and reduces natural oils making the skin look clearer and cleaner, as well as helping your makeup stay on throughout the day.
  • Liquid highlighter - adding a little bit of liquid highlighter to the base of your face can give a more dewy finish, as no one's skin is matte.
  • Use clear mascara or brown - to make eyelashes look longer and thicker without a clumpy finish.
  • Black mascara can also be used. You can add this and then get a clean mascara brush and brush the excess away to give it a more natural finish.
  • Clear brow gel or colored gel helps make the eyebrows look more natural as you can still see the natural hair and it helps avoid any harsh lines for your brows
  • Tinted or normal lip balm - using a tinted lip balm instead of gloss or lipstick is a very good way to keep your lips looking hydrated and coloured without looking like you have painted your face.
  • Light Blush - Blusher is a very good way to contour the face for a natural finish, as all of our cheeks get rosier when we are out and active, so it’s the perfect way to look natural and cute - just make sure the color isn't too bright!
  • CC/BB Cream - This is a very good replacement for foundation as it gives a lighter finish and leaves no texture on the face, whilst helping color correction and covering imperfections at the same time
  • Concealer - using concealer to cover any imperfections is one of the best ways to make your skin look all even and avoid having a thick layer on your face, you can even just use concealer and people will not know you have any base on, just make sure to color match!
  • Powdered foundation - If you are still unwilling to give up the foundation, powdered foundation is a good alternative, it is lighter and smoother for your face which will help reduce the texture.
  • Setting spray helps pull the whole face together, as it holds your makeup for the day as well as eliminating any powdered texture on your face once it's been sprayed, making the makeup truly look like your natural face!


So in a nutshell, the best way to achieve the natural look is to add less makeup, stick to neutral colors and choose your products wisely, keeping them light, minimal and not too flashy. The key thing to remember is, try not to change your face - enhance & embrace it!

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