Self-Care Brand LakeShire Boutique & Cosmetics Launches Natural, Clean, Vegan Cosmetics


Self-Care Brand LakeShire Boutique & Cosmetics Launches Natural, Clean, Vegan Cosmetics

This up-and-coming black-owned company wants people to know how vital it is to use natural products for healthier-looking skin.

LakeShire Boutique & Cosmetics, a black-owned brand promoting self-care essentials, launches natural, clean, and vegan cosmetics for all skin types. The company's products are handmade and produced in small, fresh batches. They use only carefully curated raw ingredients, and cosmetic chemist inspects their products before they are delivered to customers. This way, they don't get to sit on product shelves like in big department stores until it's sold.

Beeswax is one of the main ingredients that can be found in LakeShire products. According to Lakeshia Harley, the company's founder, this ingredient that's been used in cosmetics for thousands of years gives their products a solid form without the need to use preservatives or chemicals. Beeswax gives products a firm texture, so the lotions won't easily break down. Products made with beeswax are also great for helping to retain moisture and protect the skin from environmental damage.

"LakeShire Boutique & Cosmetics offers natural clean cosmetics that are high-quality ingredients and cruelty-free. All of our cosmetics are proudly vegan, free of phthalates, GMOs, and Sodium-Laurel-Sulfate (SLS). Other companies promise clean cosmetics but add harsh chemicals to help with a long shelf life. Our products are handmade, crafted from all-natural ingredients, and are made on-demand for customers. LakeShire Boutique & Cosmetics can additionally be certified as vegan by The Vegan Society," Lakeshia Harley said.

The brand offers an inclusive line of products covering different skin tones to help customers find the perfect formula regardless of whether they are sensitive, oily, dry, cool, or warm-toned. This brand showcases a line of lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyebrow mousse, foundations, blush palettes, bronzers, lash extensions, and more cosmetic essentials. It also has beauty solutions like micro-blading tools, makeup brushes, clay masks, serums, toners, makeup removers, setting sprays, Aloe Vera & tea tree gels, organic homemade soaps, scented candles, and graphic t-shirts for men and women.

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About LakeShire Boutique & Cosmetics

LakeShire Boutique & Cosmetics is a premier brand of cosmetics that uses high-quality, cruelty-free ingredients. This black-owned company's cosmetic products are made from Canada to give its customers the quality they deserve. The brand also uses sustainable packaging materials to preserve space on its shelves and reduce its carbon footprint. The company also ensures that all cosmetics are shipped with labels that meet FDA's standards in packaging, such as ingredients, net weight, product origin, and formula information. LakeShire Boutique & Cosmetics prides itself on being transparent because it's important to you, so it's essential to them.

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