What does it actually mean to be vegan?

Being a vegan means that you stay away from anything that contains animal products, according to "Vegan and vegetarian diets both eliminate meat and seafood. A vegan diet goes a step further, though, by also rejecting every other food of animal origin. In addition to avoiding meat, vegans steer clear of dairy products and eggs. Vegan foods never contain any byproducts of animal agriculture, such as tallow, whey, or gelatin." Erik Marcus

The meaning of vegan does not have to stop at just food. People also use the vegan lifestyle when it comes to makeup and clothes.

Benefits of using LakeShire’s cosmetics

At LakeShire Boutique, we recognize that a growing number of consumers consider the treatment of animals when making their product choices. For PETA supporters and those who don't want to contribute to the suffering caused to animals, we offer a select range of vegan skincare and makeup that contain no animal products. We use synthetic beeswax, natural oils, and other natural raw ingredients that don't rely on animals, and this means that they're cruelty-free and can additionally be certified as vegan by The Vegan Society.

Our vegan cosmetics contain soybean wax, jojoba oil, and other natural raw ingredients that don't rely on animals. Our goal is to create hypoallergenic and cruelty-free skincare products designed to moisturize and cleanse your skin without compromising your health. You can be confident that what you are putting on your face is just as healthy as what you are putting into your body.

***Erik Marcus is the publisher of and the author of several books covering vegan topics. For further reading, see his essays: Why Go Vegan? and How to Go Vegan.

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