Pedi Bombs, Calming Foot Bombs

Pedi Bombs, Calming Foot Bombs

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With our moisturizing foot soak, you’ll pamper your muscles & get lost in the wonderful feeling of our soothing lavender oil and Epsom salt pedicure foot soak, leaving you refreshed.

Our antibacterial foot soak helps soften stubborn calluses, relieves aches, eliminates odor and fights irritations and fungus, leaving your feet clean and healthy.

With our foot spa treatment aches and pains melt away with the sweet tingling of our luxurious blend & healing oils, leaving you relaxed and calm.

Our foot soaking blend contains no chemicals, preservatives or synthetic detergents, which means our formula will caress your damaged skin, softening and revealing the beauty of your skin.

Four 2 oz. Foot Bombs

Customer Reviews

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Smells good

I wanted to use this for my feet cause they sweat all day. It made my feet smell good and they were soft afterwards. highly recommend.



I appreciate the fact that when I was not happy with my order they made sure I was satisficed.

Mary Tinsdeal
Los Angeles, CA

I'm always searching for products that are cruelty-free and I am glad I found just the right eyeshadow without the nasty chemicals that's normally in makeup products.

District Heights, MD

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